debt collection

In business there will always be times when we simply don't get paid for the goods or services we provide on credit and recourse to the courts becomes necessary. At Mark Cassidy & Company we can advise you on the merits of your case and on the procedures involved in bringing you claim before the courts as swiftly as possible. We also know how important it is to you that the matter progresses as quickly as possible and we keep you updated every step of the way. We provide the following debt collection services:

  • Warning letters.
  • Institution of Proceedings.
  • Representation at Court.
  • Negotiations with debtors.
  • Taking up Judgement.
  • Enforcement Proceedings.
  • Registration of Judgement Mortgages.
  • Advice on Debt Forgiveness.

We also provide legal services to those defending debt collection claims and those who find themselves the subject of enforcement proceedings after judgement has been secured against them. The enforcement of a judgement can be a daunting prospect and one which is faced by growing numbers of people in the current climate.

We strongly advise any client in this situation not to ignore such proceedings and to attend at court with a detailed and accurate statement of their means. This is the best opportunity to influence the outcome of any Instalment Order application which may be made against a debtor.