family law

Family Law is quite unlike any other aspect of legal practice. As it deals with the break-up of relationships, emotions can often run high and it therefore requires the correct balance of legal advice and common sense in order to find a solution that works. As a firm with considerable experience in the area of family law we understand the needs and concerns of our clients at what can be an emotionally demanding time. We provide clear, common sense advice and can guide you through the various family law remedies available including:

  • Applications for Guardianship/Custody/Access.
  • Applications for Maintenance.
  • Application for Barring/Safety Orders/Advice on Domestic Violence.
  • Negotiating/Drafting Separation Agreements & Deeds of Waiver.
  • Applications for Judicial Separation.
  • Applications for Divorce.
  • Pension Adjustment Orders.
  • Dealing with the bank in the context family law proceedings.

We are also aware that legal costs can be an additional worry for clients at this time. Therefore as well as offering competitive rates we set out the basis of our fee structure from the very beginning and regularly review costs with our clients in order that they can enjoy peace of mind.